Theory on Relationships

December 22, 2012


Hey dudes im back. every once in awhile i think about posting something cause i have something on my mind but i finally got around to it. but the format of wordpress has changed and i dont know how to do this anymore so i have a feeling itll be really ugly and shit. im also worried the posts wont look the same and itll hella bother me, like minor OCD status. but anyways i just have a theory about men and women that all my guy friends agree with but ive never asked any women in fear of theyll think im this chauvinistic douche. Read the rest of this entry »



November 14, 2010

yeah ima discontinue this blog. i think i had my fill. it got to the point where its not fun anymore and more of a burden. i also got over my reading of blogs; so in other words my blogging phase is over. i might come back and i might not. in all honesty i think ill post eventually, although it will probably be a long time from now and a lot less often. ill still keep the blog around cause i like my anime review list. i always wanted a huge list of everything i watched and a short review of it. although…… i can just make a personal one on microsoft word or some shit, eh whatevers. cya guys!


October 18, 2010

picture by tasaka shinnosuke

well yeah im bitter. i just thought the slight play on words in the title would be clever, but not very much so. at work a supervisor position opened up and i didnt apply and turns out one of the people that got the job has been working 2 weeks. like you serious?? Read the rest of this entry »


October 11, 2010

yeah im bored and im posting just for the sheer stake of posting. well there goes the quality of my blog i guess. quantity! thats what ima go for now. posts with like 20 words in them all the time. lets see what the fuck comes to my head after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Fuck This Guy

October 4, 2010

i havent wanted to beat a dudes ass in a long time man but i guess god just thinks its not for me to have a nice peaceful life. also for the vast majority of the people here in san jose theyre pretty cool. i mean there are a couple people who are weird or not my cup of tea but they arent annoying enough for me to hate or dislike. they also never did anything to me, so i have no reason to do anything to them. until one day…… Read the rest of this entry »

Porn Store Worker

September 29, 2010

so anyways on my way home from work i pass by this adult video store. and as a guy that doesnt get paid all that much im always on the look out for jobs that would pay the same or better for after i finish my commitment at my current job. im like always asking people how much they get paid and junk. so i always wonder about new jobs; and what about working at that place?? Read the rest of this entry »

Supervisor Man

September 27, 2010

man i remember i just used to talk about school all the time now i foresee myself talking about work all the time. i just finished up my first month of work and i started to “supervise” people already! moving on up! but not really…. Read the rest of this entry »

Asian Christians

September 14, 2010

this is just a random ass thought that i had for the longest time but never wrote about. this isnt really a post just some thingy……that people write and is short…….eugh, ima just stop talking now. Read the rest of this entry »

The Work Week

September 6, 2010

im totally the new hot person in the office

well as some of you may know i started working. i just finished up my first week and now i truly understand the term “working for the weekend”. luckily i dont have to work on labor day; it was a good time to get hired for the company. the first week was pretty much what i expected from a job: glad to be making money but rather not do any work to make that money. ah, going to be the story of my life for about 9 months or something. Read the rest of this entry »

San Jose Life

August 29, 2010

my first week living in san jose is now in the history books. its been fun and pretty frustrating at times but all in all its all good. i just spent the first week hanging out with my roommates and some of their friends because school didnt start for them until recently and i didnt get the call to start work until last friday (starting this monday). Read the rest of this entry »