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First CUSN Core Meeting!!!!

September 29, 2009
im excited just like little kana minami over here

im excited just like little kana minami over here

ah the day ive been looking forward to and getting all excited about has finally come and gone. ever since my e2 retreat during the summer ended ive been wanting to get back into things. ive been preparing with the intern for a couple days recently planning for this first core meeting. and it turned out very, very good if i do say so myself XD (more…)


Sucky Day

September 28, 2009
can do

can do

well today sure sucked. the day started off with me BEING SUPPOSED TO waking up at 6:30 and hitting snooze til 7. but it ended up being 7:15 before i knew it. i guess me hitting snooze was hellza instinct and i was doing it without even waking up or something. but next thing i know its 7:15. so i was already starting the day a bit late. but a little past halfway walking to the bus stop i noticed in the rush out of the house i forgot my wallet, phone, and student ID (bus pass). so i had to run back and by the time i got out of the house again i saw my bus pass me by. that was the start of my crappy day. (more…)

Work Day

September 27, 2009

mwahhaha i can read like all of it. it pretty much just says "it tastes good" two different ways
mwahhaha i can read like all of it. it pretty much just says “it tastes good” two different ways

didnt do much of anything fun today. but i did get some studying and homework done which is good. i have a japanese quiz already tomorrow after a whole 1 class and a whole combined 2 days worth of school. i cant really say im happy about it but it does get me to actually study and learn the characters (hiragana in this case). and i feel i need to be pushed in the form of quizzes/tests order for me to me to actually retain information. (more…)

Emily Strange

September 26, 2009

i want you emily strange

well i really didnt do much today (like always), but i did go downtown and walk around with a friend. while i was there i walked over to paper vision, a store that sells mostly cards, calendars, posters, and toys. i always liked the place since i came to santa cruz. while looking through their posters i saw 2 posters of emily strange. if you dont know its just like a brand that makes clothes, posters, and random stuff with its mascot emily strange (sometimes called emily the strange) on it. it was like seeing an old friend again. (more…)

First Day of School Complete!!!!

September 24, 2009
to commemorate my first day of school, i give you the girls of fate/stay night in school uniform!!!!!

to commemorate my first day of school, i give you the girls of fate/stay night in school uniform!!!!!

well i finished up my first day of senior year. i woke up at 8:30 in the morning and was off to class with my roommates. it was weird cause all 4 of us had class at 10am. my first class was intermediate accounting then international finance shortly after. the day didnt go all that smooth with the early classes and the walk-out deal. but when i got out from classes it was nothing but smooth sailing. (more…)

School Schedule

September 24, 2009


well i just checked my early ass schedule and it doesnt look super good. i guess thats how sleeping at 2am and waking up at 1:30pm can change your perspective on things. (more…)

Garth Taylor

September 22, 2009

so i was at OPERS today, working in the heat and standing for about 3 hours. i was working for CUSN, trying to recruit members. it was pretty good, had a couple people that seemed interested in the org. also had a few people being douches, but not too many which is good. we got about 3 pages worth of sign ups, pretty good haul in my mind. little did i know i was going to meet garth taylor on this day. (more…)

First Day in Santa Cruz

September 22, 2009

man im late for my post again. maybe i should steer away from posting everyday by midnight or whatever. oh wells. i got into santa cruz at about 2:30 today. me and my dad left the house at 1:20ish even though he said the day before that we were going to leave at noon. when we finally got out of the house and we were driving he asked if i forgot anything. then i just remembered that i forgot to withdraw money, so i had very little cash on me. i said “no” because i just wanted to go to school. tiss was most lame and now ill have to walk hellza to withdraw money from the chase bank over here.

when i got over to santa cruz i dropped off my stuff and put what needed to be chilled in the fridge then left for my friends place. i was in my own place in santa cruz probably only around 5 minutes until right now. at my friend’s we just caught up and watched tv. i also played puzzle games on her DS while she laughed at me >.<. later on we just met up with another friend, ate dinner (eating my depleted cash reserves), and hung out a bit more.

tomorrow is OPERS and im looking forward to seeing everyone again. oh and it turns out when i got to santa cruz everyone was done with the fliers so i didnt have to do anything, woot woot. a nice relaxing day for me, well maybe except the getting out of the house to go to santa cruz part.

kang yui
random picture cause it needs one: this is the very cute and versatile kang yui, a korean model and import model

So Senior Year Begins

September 20, 2009

so tomorrow im going back to school with instruction actually starting on thursday. i wouldve been back this weekend but saturday was a friend’s birthday and today my brother got back from london. so ill have to settle for tomorrow.

i have stuff to do right when i get there already, which is good. im looking forward to having things to do after roughly 3 weeks of pretty much doing nothing everyday. once i get into santa cruz i promised to call and hang out with a friend once i get there. but i might also have to do some stuff for CUSN, the org im in at school. the intern (the person above me) is getting flyers prepared with last year’s intern for OPERS, which is a gathering of all the clubs and orgs on campus in one place so all the filthy freshman dont have to go all over the place. as coordinator i feel obligated to help out even though im not going to make it in time. well i cannnnn, but not going to get there in time. ill just call them later in the day. so OPERS is on tuesday and on wedesday i have a little potluck type meeting for all the returning core from last year too. busy busy (not really…..)!!! oh and i mightve said id call some more people once i get to santa cruz but heres to hoping they forget or just said that as obligation and not really wanting to hang out with me. im a lazy bastard (or inglorious basterd……../snicker) and dont want to call them.

oh on a side note one of my friends i used to/mildly still like said we should do something. as i learned before, when people say let’s hang out it means if you really want to hang out you have to be the one that sets things up, like time, place, etc. i just said “yes ma’am……” cause i was too lazy at the time to get out of my comfy house/bed to hang out with her. also when i said what i did she couldve easily thought i was saying yes ma’am to something else. mannnnn i better not regret this….. but i know nothing really wouldve happened. oh wells, still woulda been nice though……

kanon group picture
heres to meeting new people and for reconnecting with old ones. if you watched kanon you would understand why i chose kanon as the picture :D. woot woot, im excited for this year!!!

A Friend’s Birthday

September 20, 2009

well i know its late but whateves. i just got back from my friends party and decided an hour or so late is fine. so it was a potluck and the plan was just to hang around and watch ufc 103. the fights were decent but iono something about watching them all at a time is a bit draining; i dont know why. if i dont watch the fights live i watch them all online at one time too. hmm i guess im just weird. i was 8/11 with my picks, not bad at all. the thing that sucked was that kampmann lost……brock larson and now kampmann!!!?? i should totally be put on suicide watch right now. also was most suprised when tyson griffin actually finished someone, wow. still not a fan though. oh and efrain escudero fucking up cole miller was sick!!!! thats what you get for yelling at junie browning you bastard!!!! oh and lastly rick story fucking finished a triangle from full guard, what the fuck is that?? its less about rick’s skill and more about his opponent’s (brian foster) udder lack of skill.

so after the ufc card (lol, i like the sudden transition. as you can tell i dont write a lot for my major) we just hung around and some played casual beer pong. not being much of a drinker i played for fun winning 2/3 cause im a beast like that. as part of the pot luck i brought a cake. it wasnt touched throughout the night until the end when my friend threw a piece of it into the birthday boy’s face. the guy freaked out and a mini food fight broke out between three people for the amusement of the rest at the party. the place was a friggin mess afterward with cake all over the three guys and all over the floor in the living room and kitchen. only about a sixth of the cake wasnt used for the fight. ahhh good times. i like how whenever i get together with these friends something fucking stupid/epic happens. i wouldnt have it any other way 😀

clannad group
ah this was just like us today. except this is clannad~after story and we are team step fam, fighting out of san francisco, CA