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October 31, 2009

anime halloween

woot its halloween. unlike most i probably wont be doing anything tonight. no, i wont be seeing lots of people dressing supa provocative or clever (quite rare) for the most part. i think i might just stay home and watch anime because i decided not to go home for the weekend. its my friend’s birthday but i figured it wasnt worth the $11 or having my dad drive up here to go back to san francisco. besides i dont think the birthday boy had anything planned either -_-. i wouldve went to san jose without a second thought. anyhow since its halloween ill do the stereotypical halloween picture post. it wont be as long as my others just because i dont have that many halloween themed pictures >.< (more…)



October 29, 2009


well i spent a vast majority of my day pretty annoyed. its probably cause i have 2 classes today and the girl i had a bad experience with is in both of them. that experience can be read about here. so even now 10 days after the fact the mere sight of her irritates me a bit. this is odd since i still dont quite know the reason why i feel the way i do about the whole situation. (more…)


October 27, 2009
shirayuki mizore test

oh mizore, me and you are like this (crosses fingers*)

ima try to make this one quick cause i have stuffy stuffy to do. getting out from my meeting at 10 doesnt help either. luckily i did my japanese homework already. but i got all my midterms back; some im happy about and some im a bit bothered about >.< (more…)

Video Day

October 25, 2009

rosario + vampire suits

ah my weekend was most enjoyable. my only class an 8:00am on friday didnt have a quiz (which i thought we did) which i was most happy about because i wouldnt be prepared. i was actually thinking about skipping that day because of my unpreparedness. weird how things work out huh?? but i kinda dont remember what i did that day except that i went to bed at 8pm cause i was supa tired. saturday mostly consisted of hanging around my friend’s place and today i watched videos all day!!!!! (more…)


October 24, 2009
i want this to be me again, minus the video games

i want this to be me again, minus the video games

man ive been looking forward to this weekend for so long. i had three midterms this week. i look forward to all my weekends because of the early class thing. you know its bad when youre excited to wake up at 9 in the morning and you think thats “sleeping in”. (more…)

Fuck Dude

October 21, 2009

i repeat “fuck dude” its all going to shit. i had a homework in my macro class that was worth like 65 points and i got 19.5 points on it cause i have an accounting midterm to study for so i filled in random things. the thing is i pretty much know i bombed that macro midterm yesterday so i needed the points but i dont have time to read. i decided that it was better to get some points instead of none; but seeing the 19 points pissed me off so bad. i think it was cause this is what i had to do to make sure my accounting midterm doesnt go to shit either. (more…)


October 19, 2009

well i dont think ill have the full effect of the situation/mood because i recovered pretty well right before i decided to write this (go figure). but i just came from a friends place and left feeling pretty pissed off and frustrated. i spent the couple minutes walking back home taking deep breaths to calm myself down. all the while going over in my head what went on and why i felt the way i did. (more…)

UFC 104 Predictions

October 19, 2009

the card is actually pretty solid. im looking forward to it

man i finally have some time to post again. sorry about that, but i have finals and junk to do almost every day this week. mostly all of it is prepping for my finals. i even had my japanese final today, i probably didnt do super hot but did ok; ima predict something about 80%. ima keep it short from now cause it seems like people dont read it much. and im still gonna do them cause i like to predict fights and cause i have nothing else to write about. ah, the glories of living a boring life. the picks!!!!! (more…)


October 17, 2009


anyhow there was supposedly a stabbing/murder on my block tonight. not some shitty ass “on my block but fucking like 6 blocks down” it was actually on my block, like the route i walk to school 5 days a week. im ok, if any of you care. mostly likely not……. (more…)


October 15, 2009

wow i really never thought id be into one of these shows. you know like the popular drama filled stereotypical shows on non-cable? you know what im talking about. but i think it was because i thought it was going to be like one of those even though its very very different from them. i mean truth be told i dont even give a chance to shows likeeeee gossip girl, vampire dairies, 90210, how i met your mother, 2 and a half men. i can go on and on. but glee……..fuck its a good show. (more…)