The Work Week

im totally the new hot person in the office

well as some of you may know i started working. i just finished up my first week and now i truly understand the term “working for the weekend”. luckily i dont have to work on labor day; it was a good time to get hired for the company. the first week was pretty much what i expected from a job: glad to be making money but rather not do any work to make that money. ah, going to be the story of my life for about 9 months or something.

the first day was way rough. i was super worried about getting to work on time (15 minutes early) but turns out i really didnt have to worry very much. i also went a stupid ass route to get to the bus so the rest of the week was completely fine. i was in one of my moods not to talk to my coworkers when i got there. the work wasnt that bad at first it was pretty much looking at pictures of the street and making sure everything that should be blurred was blurred (faces and license plates). i was breezing through them but i hit the wall after lunch. the thing is the mass majority of the photos are passable and you get in the habit of passing them without looking at them very hard so every once in awhile you pass a bad picture and you cant go back so youre like “oh shit”. i passed about 3 or 4 bad pictures a day. also i kept looking at the clock to see how long until we get off and that was a mistake cause it made it seemed like forever.

on the way home i didnt make it to the bus stop in time and had to wait about an hour for the next one, and it takes about an hour to get home. i got home at 2 in the morning even though i get off work at 11:15. during the rest of the week i ended up talking to the guy right next to me. i asked him for a ride to the bus stop the second day but it turns out he lives in downtown san jose which is about where i live so he gives me rides home now. it seriously makes my job so much better. but it doesnt stop me from thinking i cant rely on him forever and need to get my damn license already.

during the week i was always looking forward to the weekend and my first weekend was pretty epic. hanging out with fun friends until the wee hours of the night is always a blast. i didnt even do that shit when i was actually in college (well VERY rarely if at all). i think it helps that people are walking distance and not fucking hella far away. also their places are nicer for the most part. i also like super needed to do laundry too so i kept wearing the same clothes to work all the time and i finally washed my clothes yesterday and im so happy. i also went to my first street fighter tournament today and i think i might actually prefer the stream. i like the commentary and i can relax that way. i ended up standing for like 6 hours and put up with people blocking my way and shit. i did end up seeing a lot of pros in the flesh though

i was planning on taking the days around fanime off (may 28th-ish) already but then i was thinking i can probably just leave by then cause id probably be sick of it. ill act accordingly when i get a bit closer to there. oh god how i miss fanime…… oh! and the job makes me super tight with money. i like dont wanna spend money on anything (like lunch) but then i was thinking i dont really have anything to save for. i think the whole “earning your own money” thing does that to people. i spent like $6.50 on a sandwich for lunch one day and was like “holy shit i spent hella money today”. T_T well i guess its good that i want to save and junk but i also want to enjoy myself a bit. then again, i do think ill spend a lot of money during weekends hanging out with people so it all evens out

oh a side note: i was hella hoping that work would have a 360 and street fighter 4. turns out they only have a ps2 but theres this dude that always bring 3rd strike so thats good. my roommate ended up buying the game cause i wanted to practice for free (instead of at the arcades). the very next day they were playing capcom vs snk and i was like “nooooooo!!!” but it turns out it was only for that day. whew. now to wait for the game to get here

no work tomorrow!!! yay!!!!!! er…. today if you wanna be all technical



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