Supervisor Man

man i remember i just used to talk about school all the time now i foresee myself talking about work all the time. i just finished up my first month of work and i started to “supervise” people already! moving on up! but not really….

so at my job the group i got hired with gets trained in a new task like every week. the latest task had a que of 50,000 things and out of the original 7 members theres only 3 of us left. i assume people left cause of school or other jobs and junk. but anyways our task had a hell of a lot of work for 3 people and we’ve been working on it for about a week. so they started training other people to do our task and asked for us to answer any questions they had and to guide them through it. i thought it was cool cause i had leadership experience already and i could possibly use it to move up in the company if they let me. its WAY better than actually working on the task; like time goes by so much faster. but a lot of the people are quick learners so i dont see myself supervising them for a long time unless they hire more people. i also asked a supervisor if i get a raise and she said no…… lame

after a nice day at work i came home only to see the neighbors not having a gathering. it sucks cause i always look forward to hanging out with those guys on friday night. i didnt see an assload of shoes out their door so i assumed no one was there so i didnt walk in. then i logged onto facebook to see if anyone was online so see if they wanted to hang out. i caught one dude but he had to sleep early that night. so i spent a lot of the night being bored.

i was planning to go to santa cruz this weekend to see some friends but right when i was about to leave i got a text saying they wanted to go to great mall. so i ended up waiting around for them. when we did meet up the group broke up and i didnt get to hang out with the person i really wanted to hang out with. i mean i hung out with a friend and its was cool but you know…… trying to work some game and shit here. anyhow i got new skate shoes and a converter for the huge dj headphones i got so its was fine. i also got to see the girl at least for a little. will it last me a week?? only time will tell

i really felt needed the shoes cause i skate to the bus stop from work cause one of the buses stops running when i get off. i also like variety and i only have 2 skate shoes so i need to be stylin’. im like paranoid about skating in non-skating shoes too; im weird like that. i got them at the vans store in the cheap rack that had in the back. you know that rack where theyre just trying to get rid of shit?? yeah its totally awesome. $32 with tax and everything. there were also these nice $50 black/blue shoes but for the price i got the $32 ones. hmm, lets see if i can get a pick of the shoes online……. here they are!

also finished up mitsudomoe. like the only anime i kinda kept up with after moving down here. now working on ookami-san and the rest of the season



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