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October 18, 2010

picture by tasaka shinnosuke

well yeah im bitter. i just thought the slight play on words in the title would be clever, but not very much so. at work a supervisor position opened up and i didnt apply and turns out one of the people that got the job has been working 2 weeks. like you serious?? (more…)



October 11, 2010

yeah im bored and im posting just for the sheer stake of posting. well there goes the quality of my blog i guess. quantity! thats what ima go for now. posts with like 20 words in them all the time. lets see what the fuck comes to my head after the break. (more…)

Fuck This Guy

October 4, 2010

i havent wanted to beat a dudes ass in a long time man but i guess god just thinks its not for me to have a nice peaceful life. also for the vast majority of the people here in san jose theyre pretty cool. i mean there are a couple people who are weird or not my cup of tea but they arent annoying enough for me to hate or dislike. they also never did anything to me, so i have no reason to do anything to them. until one day…… (more…)