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SC Dreams

August 5, 2010

sometimes i have dreams of santa cruz and in those dreams i miss the school so much that im near the verge of tears. i just noticed how fitting my screen name is for the title of this post. scyumetachi, santa cruz dreams…… oh but i remember my japanese tutor saying the “tachi” that makes stuff plural can only be used for people, therefore i fail. or i can just pretend like i meant it and pretend to be all artsy. yeah, i think ill go with that. anyways back to the point: i am awesome (more…)


Midsummer Update

July 25, 2010

ellen page!!!!!

whelp ive been in san jose for about the last week. it was really a spur of the moment type of thing. it was pretty kewl and pretty fruitful if i do say so myself. (more…)


May 13, 2010

picture by hagiwara rin

just a real quick weird dream i had yesterday. its a little bit spicy. yeah, kinda mild. (more…)

Cannibal Dream

March 6, 2010

mmmmm humans, om nom nom nom

so i had another weird dream today and since i dont have school today i can actually talk about it!!!!! this one is significant to talk about because 1. i can remember it and 2. after i woke up i thought to myself “man that was weird”. as you can probably tell from the title my dream was about cannibals. i think they were some weird cult or something. lets hear about it shall we?? (more…)


January 19, 2010

my new desktop picture; because i can now. ahahhahaa!!!!

ANYwayyyyyys, i had 2 things to talk about today. one is my computer finds my version of windows legit again!!!!! wooooo. the second is: i think one of my roommates hates me. ill also talk about some weird dreams i had because without it this would be a pretty short post. lets dive in shall we?? (more…)