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November 14, 2010

yeah ima discontinue this blog. i think i had my fill. it got to the point where its not fun anymore and more of a burden. i also got over my reading of blogs; so in other words my blogging phase is over. i might come back and i might not. in all honesty i think ill post eventually, although it will probably be a long time from now and a lot less often. ill still keep the blog around cause i like my anime review list. i always wanted a huge list of everything i watched and a short review of it. although…… i can just make a personal one on microsoft word or some shit, eh whatevers. cya guys!



October 11, 2010

yeah im bored and im posting just for the sheer stake of posting. well there goes the quality of my blog i guess. quantity! thats what ima go for now. posts with like 20 words in them all the time. lets see what the fuck comes to my head after the break. (more…)

Porn Store Worker

September 29, 2010

so anyways on my way home from work i pass by this adult video store. and as a guy that doesnt get paid all that much im always on the look out for jobs that would pay the same or better for after i finish my commitment at my current job. im like always asking people how much they get paid and junk. so i always wonder about new jobs; and what about working at that place?? (more…)

Asian Christians

September 14, 2010

this is just a random ass thought that i had for the longest time but never wrote about. this isnt really a post just some thingy……that people write and is short…….eugh, ima just stop talking now. (more…)

A Note to Self

June 6, 2010

ok i cant really make a post right now but i feel i should (since its been a week). as always im studying (which is when i actually when i get the most blogging done) so i cant really make a post post. so i just thought ill just make a quick little list reminding me of junk i can write or am planning to write after finals and when i find the time. (more…)

Bulleted Update

April 25, 2010

another update cause i only have posts during the weekends now >.<. i THINK i have quite a lot of things to talk about but cant elaborate on them very much to make them their own posts. so i thought why not be all "college" and outline it in bullets?? hence the title. (more…)

This Last Week

April 16, 2010

well i havent posted for like a week, my bad. ive just been busy with some stuff lately; mostly organizing and that makes keeping up with school harder than it has to be. i finished up 2 midterms today though and im sf home right now. so ima just talk about what the past week accumulated up. (more…)

Ima Hella Die Early

April 7, 2010

man im going to die so early, i eat so much shit. hmm, now that i think about it, its probably not as early as i think cause after a couple more weeks im going to go back home where my mom cooks. and what she cooks is usually healthier than what i eat in college (although still probably not the best food for you). eh, thats besides the point. ima die!!!! pay attention to me!!!! (more…)

Graduation Speech

March 11, 2010

well ive been looking on and off for frank mir’s speech after his fight with antonio rodrigo nogueria at UFC 92. i remember being there when i first heard it live and was actually moved by his words. im glad me and my friends bought the pay-per-view cause it was more powerful that way. so like i mentioned i was looking for it on and off for a couple months cause i wanted to use it for my graduation speech. i know ima loser, tell me something i dont know. (more…)

Such a Nice Day

February 17, 2010

ah today was such a nice day; all warm and junk. man this sure is a change of pace; instead of me bitching about everything im talking about how nice something is. i know, i feel dirty too. but i love warm weather and its been forever since its been like this. so happy!!! along with the warm weather how about some solidarity to make it even better!!!?? (more…)