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Fuck This Guy

October 4, 2010

i havent wanted to beat a dudes ass in a long time man but i guess god just thinks its not for me to have a nice peaceful life. also for the vast majority of the people here in san jose theyre pretty cool. i mean there are a couple people who are weird or not my cup of tea but they arent annoying enough for me to hate or dislike. they also never did anything to me, so i have no reason to do anything to them. until one day…… (more…)


Are you Serious??

July 8, 2010

hmm, just when i thought id have no more “school” posts people just keep dragging me in. yeah, not on good terms like casually visiting and seeing old friends either. more like people not pulling their weight and being fucking annoying as fuck. *caution lots of ranting inside* (more…)

Bakemonogatari + Working!! Review

July 1, 2010

whelp! since its summer i now have time to catch up on anime that i wanted to watch but couldnt. i finished up working!! and bakemonogatari. i was a beast, i finished up working!! in like 3 days, much like catching up to mayoi neko overrun. as soon as the 13th episode of that is finished i can notch that anime under my belt too. but i watched so much anime the past week or so that yesterday i really wanted to watch something but i had nothing to watch >.<. oh wells, on to the reviews! (more…)

Bleach Fail

June 18, 2010

well just a short post about a super plot fail in bleach that i noticed. there might be spoilers if youre not up to date with the anime. the scenes im talking about were awhile ago though. and just now i have time and am unlazy enough to write about it. (more…)

I Am So Smart, Everybody Loves Me

May 5, 2010

yeah……damn school getting in the way my my real job, blogging. along with being awhile since i posted its been awhile since ive been the douchy smart ass in a review section. it happened today which inspired a post dedicated to how fucking smart i am and how stupid other people are. (more…)

First Week

April 4, 2010

man, im like posting once a week now. tsk tsk on my part. i hella noticed i talk about nothing but my life/school instead of posting pics or talking about anime (so one dimensional >.<). hmm, after i think about it, thats what blogs/diaries are (noticed i used "diary" instead of "journal". im so cool). ive been pretty busy already this quarter even though its supposed to be my easy/laid back quarter. this week has been full of meetings and random hang outs with friends. it's had its rough parts and it had its fun parts. id say a pretty good, solid first week. (more…)

Yeah, Ima Hater

February 4, 2010

fuck you. dont touch me

i used to think that if i had one word to describe me it would be “lazy”, but now i think it would be “hater”. you know that saying that goes something like “behind every successful person theres a pack of haters”?? i think im kind of like that. although i dont necessarily hate on successful people but just a lot of things in general. i actually dont hate on successful people because i feel they earned their money. i started thinking about it when i went to a reception yesterday and everyone called me a downer. in response i said “im a hater not a downer. get it right”. (ps: long post cause of ranting) (more…)

Nosy Nosy!!!!

November 17, 2009

zomg not you too asa-sempai!!! T_T

i doubt anyone cares but me, but i had this thought for the longest time and it bugs the hell out of me. people that are in or recently graduated from college should know what im talking about. you know when you walk into class late and know youre finally there cause of the door making noise and they hella look over?? yeah i hate those people. (more…)

International Macroecon Test

November 12, 2009
mikan inamori

oh whoa is me

so i had this midterm today. zomg it was so unbelievably hard. i started prepping and studying a couple days earlier than i did for my last midterm cause i didnt do uber hot. i wrote out a study guide with all kinds of equations and i did homework that isnt due until sunday night to prep for this test. i spent 90% of the time in accounting (the class before macro) studying then i relaxed and listened to my ipod until the test came along. (more…)


September 10, 2009

since nothing really happened today i thought id post about something which i found really funny. it was this article about 2 girls that got lost but changed their status on facebook with their MOBILE phones instead of calling for help.

first of all i thought this was uber funny just cause of the pure stupidity of it all; had me laughing for a bit. now im not going into the whole “so this is what the world has come to” type of speech. i just think that these particular two girls are fucking tards. but i think it shows how much social networking sites have become popular. like the article says: for some people it begins and ends with facebook, myspace, etc which shouldnt really be news to anyone around high school/college age.

i have a facebook and go on it like 10 times a day but each visit is a minute to about 5 minutes if i have no notifications (which is quite often cause no one likes me). i dont really get how people can be on it forever. but of course there are people that do go on it for hours and ruin the whole experience of it all. that being said, i friggin hate all the apps and shit on my news feed and also the people that constantly change their status once every couple hours. FUCK i dont care where you are right now as opposed to an hour ago. this isnt twitter motherfucker (dont get me started on twitter). and FUCK i dont care if you fucking found a lost sheep on some bullshit farming game. fuck you and shut the fuck up!!!!!!

oh yeah, also hate the people whose status are ALWAYS about getting drunk and drinking. like shit….youre cool, youre like the only one on the earth that is in college and drinking, youre so fucking cool. want a medal or some shit?? opposed to what my ranting might convey i actually like facebook for the most part, and enjoy it because it makes it easy to keep in touch with friends and see how theyre doing. i like how this post has gone from a funny article to me ranting about facebook, hoorayyyyy.

describes all annoying people on facebook to a T

describes all annoying people on facebook to a T