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This Last Week

April 16, 2010

well i havent posted for like a week, my bad. ive just been busy with some stuff lately; mostly organizing and that makes keeping up with school harder than it has to be. i finished up 2 midterms today though and im sf home right now. so ima just talk about what the past week accumulated up. (more…)


Kimi ni Railgun

April 5, 2010

as i said before i finally was allowed to watch some anime on saturday and therefore finished up some series from last season. im also on my last episode of another, so another review will probably be coming soon. as the title suggests the anime i finished up are kimi ni todoke and to aru kagaku no railgun (tight ass name by the way). hmm i dont really know what my title is saying but i think its something like “my railgun” judging from the english titles of the two. (more…)

Darker than Black 2 and Taisho Yakyuu Musume Review

December 26, 2009

well i recently finished up both these series and now its time to put in my review. i started darker than black because i enjoyed the first season so obviously i wanted to see more. as for taisho yakyuu musume, i only started watching after seeing it listed as a top 5 anime from the season it came out from (might be this season, might be last. me forgets). (more…)

Nyan Koi!

December 20, 2009

i just finished up nyan koi! today and i cant believe how much i enjoyed it. the weird thing is when the new anime season started i thought i can pass up on this series. only after reading that it was ranked about 4th in the top animes of the season did i start watching it. im glad i did because i thought it was really good. the first time i watched it i thought “man this is a lot like seto no hanayome (my favorite comedy)”; only to find out it was because they were produced by the same company. go figure. (more…)

Ef – A Tale of Melodies

December 15, 2009

well i just finished up this anime and thought i would write an uber quick review on it while its still fresh in my mind. (more…)

UFC 105 Thoughts

November 15, 2009

damn i hella want dan hardy's walkout tshirt now

was a pretty good card if i do say so myself. that being said…….GOD DAMN THERE WAS A LOT OF CLINCH WORK!!!! wilks kept trying to take matt brown down and laid on him against the fence for like the entire first round. swick kept trying to push the take down and hardy responded by also trying to push the take down. then the fucking couture/vera match………fucking clinch/do nothing city. fucking randy, you boring ass motherfucker. (more…)

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class Review

November 8, 2009

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

blah sorry i didnt post for 2 days. i really try to post at least every other day, but you know my boring life and all. maybe if im up for it ill post later tonight also to make up for it. well nothing really happened this weekend except me watching an assload of anime like usual. i actually finished up geijutsuka art design class yesterday and im almost done with toaru majutsu no index. um i also watched the strikeforce card yesterday which was pretty entertaining (going 4/4 with my picks). i kinda notice i always go with favorites so im right most of the time >.<. anyhowww the review. (more…)

Video Day

October 25, 2009

rosario + vampire suits

ah my weekend was most enjoyable. my only class an 8:00am on friday didnt have a quiz (which i thought we did) which i was most happy about because i wouldnt be prepared. i was actually thinking about skipping that day because of my unpreparedness. weird how things work out huh?? but i kinda dont remember what i did that day except that i went to bed at 8pm cause i was supa tired. saturday mostly consisted of hanging around my friend’s place and today i watched videos all day!!!!! (more…)


October 15, 2009

wow i really never thought id be into one of these shows. you know like the popular drama filled stereotypical shows on non-cable? you know what im talking about. but i think it was because i thought it was going to be like one of those even though its very very different from them. i mean truth be told i dont even give a chance to shows likeeeee gossip girl, vampire dairies, 90210, how i met your mother, 2 and a half men. i can go on and on. but glee……..fuck its a good show. (more…)

Random Junk

October 5, 2009
a random post deserves a random picture

a random post deserves a random picture

well like always i didnt do anything worthwhile today so i think ill just talk about a whole bunch of random ass junk to try and make something of quality. hmm in retrospect maybe i should stop forcing posts. i mean its not like i have an obligation to write one everyday or so…….oh right, the fans. mwahahaha. oh wells i like to use this blog to read junk over. like ill read an old post over and be like “oh yeah that was a fun day” or “i totally forgot about that”. its a good thing. (more…)