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Fuck This Guy

October 4, 2010

i havent wanted to beat a dudes ass in a long time man but i guess god just thinks its not for me to have a nice peaceful life. also for the vast majority of the people here in san jose theyre pretty cool. i mean there are a couple people who are weird or not my cup of tea but they arent annoying enough for me to hate or dislike. they also never did anything to me, so i have no reason to do anything to them. until one day…… (more…)


The Work Week

September 6, 2010

im totally the new hot person in the office

well as some of you may know i started working. i just finished up my first week and now i truly understand the term “working for the weekend”. luckily i dont have to work on labor day; it was a good time to get hired for the company. the first week was pretty much what i expected from a job: glad to be making money but rather not do any work to make that money. ah, going to be the story of my life for about 9 months or something. (more…)

San Jose Life

August 29, 2010

my first week living in san jose is now in the history books. its been fun and pretty frustrating at times but all in all its all good. i just spent the first week hanging out with my roommates and some of their friends because school didnt start for them until recently and i didnt get the call to start work until last friday (starting this monday). (more…)

Working Update

August 21, 2010

its been like 2 weeks since my last post and yeah…. my bad. its been a busy couple of days. so things have changed quite a bit since last time. i finally got the job that ive been talking about, i turned 22, and i moved over to san jose. (more…)

First Live UFC

August 8, 2010

well i went over to oakland for my first live ufc event yesterday. it was ufc 117 (silva vs sonnen) and it was pretty epic. i spent quite a bit for the tickets but i felt it was more for the experience and everything more than anything so i was ok with it. i did save more by not buying any of their fucking overpriced junk. it was $5.50 for a cup of water and $9.50 for a noob beer (like bud light or some 50 cent a can beer). not that i drink beer anyways but just to tell you how pricey it is. it was a pretty fun experience. iono if id ever do it again as of right now but it was cool (more…)


July 26, 2010

well today was a lot more productive than normal now adays. i actually saw the outside world, got stuff done, and ate more than one meal a day. god im such a go-getter. (more…)

Midsummer Update

July 25, 2010

ellen page!!!!!

whelp ive been in san jose for about the last week. it was really a spur of the moment type of thing. it was pretty kewl and pretty fruitful if i do say so myself. (more…)

Fanime Lewts

May 31, 2010

i got back from fanime today and it was way fun!!!! i think it was better than last year actually. although i did feel like i didnt do very much last year….. but this year i took my time to highlight everything on the agenda that i wanted to do and i think it went rather well. (more…)

It’s the Final Countdown!!!!!

March 29, 2010

im so happy!!!

whelp, its my final quarter here and im excited! ive actually been looking forward to coming back. this quarter is coming with an easier work load, good weather, and the fact that its my last quarter. ill also have a lot more time to do stuff. the combination of everything means gooooood times. 😀 (more…)

Winter Quarter Complete!!!

March 22, 2010

woot!!! winter is over

i finished up with finals on friday so this is what ive been doing so far: on saturday i went to this alumi dinner thingy in san francisco; it was really cool (they almost always are). on sunday i went to my friends place and he dropped me off in san jose. from there i took the bus back to santa cruz. today i had to do something concerning the class im teaching 9hence the me going back). tomorrow through thursday im just going to hang out with my friends in san jose since i havent seen them in a long time. and ima go to a warriors game on saturday with my brother and come back sunday. (more…)